​"As someone who has neither the time nor interest in shopping, I found Jill to be of invaluable help.  She worked with what I had and paired pieces together I had never considered as outfits. Even better, at the end of the session, I had a short list of essentials to buy (or Jill will shop for you, another great service) and a bag of clothes to donate to Dress for Success, which Jill handled as well - not to mention a closet of wearable pieces. I will want her back every season!" - PC


"There never seems to be enough time and Jill came through for me in a crunch.  I was throwing my husband a "big" birthday party and was up to my eyeballs in details, work and kids.  The one thing I forgot about was an outfit for myself and my husband - the guest of honor.   Ten days before the party, I called Jill asking if she could outfit my husband and if she had time I would like something new too.  The next day we had several outfits to try-on and three days later - a full week before the party - we both had two gorgeous outfits each to choose from (including footwear)! Jill even got his pants hemmed and shirt pressed.  We felt great at the party and would not have been able to do it without Jill.  We liked everything so much we kept everything".- AS

"After putting this off for more than 2 years, I cannot sing Jill's praises highly enough.  While we only did our first session so far, I feel so much better about what I have and the direction my wardrobe is going.  I gave her quite a challenge - to help me create a capsule wardrobe, as well as to try to make pieces I love but do not know how to wear work for me.  I have already worn one of the outfits she said 'why don't you try it like this', and am thrilled with a piece she suggested an alteration on.  She went so far as to take all the pieces that needed repairs or alterations to the tailor for me so it would actually get done!  I would wholeheartedly recommend Jill to everyone I know.  I can't wait to continue what we started." -MW

"Jill, you personify the gifted consultant.  You listen, observe, direct and support.  All the while being thoroughly professional and confident in your mission: to have me look my best.  Your honesty and sensitivity makes you my go-to person for all things image-making and you are the first (and only) person I recommend to my friends. Released from the “need” to go out and shop is a god send!" - JK

"Jill is my go to girl for everything fashion-related.  Her sense of fashion is second to none.  She has helped me select outfits for everyday, as well as for very special occasions.  Jill will go above and beyond to ensure you have the perfect look" - PK

"I've said for years that I wanted to hire someone to help me go through my

closet and tell me what I should really be wearing....especially now that I'm at home full time with my young children and feel a little clueless in the fashion department. I couldn't be happier that I found Jill! Not only did she help me streamline my closet but she also helped me better understand which colors, silhouhettes and style of accessories best compliment my skin tone and style. To top it all off, Jill is an absolute joy to work with!​"- AM 

     Let's shop for YOUR personal style

" I found out about a big meeting two days before and, with no time to shop for the perfect suit, I was stressed! I reached out to Jill to see if she could help. Jill responded immediately - consider it done! Using one of my suits, Jill was able to find the perfect black suit, along with a lovely shell and scarf plus a few other items I loved. Jill has a fabulous sense of style and knows what looks good. I am so thankful!" - NF

​                     ​                           SHOPPING BY JILL

"Jill has a great eye. Working with Jill teaches you to see the clothes and accessories you already own in a whole new light. In just a few hours, my outlook on getting dressed for both professional and informal occasions was transformed.  Working with Jill enabled me to reduce less flattering extra items and focus on my best self." - AB

I asked Jill to help me out with my closet (once I got over the embarassment of allowing her to see it!) and I was so happy I did.  She helped me weed out the items I wasn't wearing and allowed me to relinquish things I've been holding onto for years!  It felt good to know it was going to a good cause". - PP